In The Dnepropetrovsk Conservatory named after M. Glinka one of the brightest cultural events of the

season took place supported by Credit Dnepr Bank. The Garry Logvin Four Seasons Chamber

Orchestra gave a final concert of the Days of Germany as a part of the international festival “Music

without Borders”. Otto Sauter, Professor of Highest School of Arts in Bremen, one of the most famous

solo trumpeters in Europe was performing with the orchestra. Performance of the star guest and

invited musicians, winners of international contests, namely Kirill Sharapov (violin) and Andrey Chop

(alto) became a genuine musical present to the audience.

The artists performed their exquisite musical repertoire of German composers of the Baroque Epoch:

George Frederic Handel , Georg Philipp Telemann, Johann Melchior Molter, Wolfgang Amadeus

Mozart. Moreover, the guests of the concert could also appreciate a composition by Vladimir

Skuratovskiy “Old Style Suite” Dnepropetrovsk composer.

“The repertoire of the concert was not chosen by chance. Closing the Days of Germany this year, we

decided to turn to the art of the composers of the baroque period. In the first place, this is related to the

fact that one of the two geographic centers of the development of baroque music was Germany. In the

second place, we wanted to leave our audience to the delightful after taste of gracefulness,

exquisiteness, beauty and splendor so peculiar for the tradition of the German baroque school. We

hope that the guests could appreciate this”­ said Dmitri Logvin, Art Director and conductor of the

Chamber Orchestra “Four Seasons”. We are grateful to our longstanding partners who have been

supporting our team for practically two decades by investing in the development of Ukrainian art and


The bankers, in their turn, marked that the projects done by the Chamber Orchestra “Four Seasons” in

co­operation with the famous musicians have always been great music events not only in the local

region but country­wide as well and the projects are absolutely necessary for the development of the

Ukrainian music culture.

“From the first hand we know that the musicians of the Chamber Orchestra “Four Seasons” have

always elicited amazing emotions with the audience. Credit Dnepr Bank has been a general sponsor

of these talented musicians for about 20 years” ­ said Andrey Moyseenko, a Deputy Chairman of the

Board of Credit Dnepr Bank.” We are always glad to be a part of these really significant and important

musical events for cultural development of the Ukrainians”.

For your reference:

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