The violin dated back to 1660 created by the legendary Francesco Rugeri will sound on the stage of Odessa

Philarmony on March 18, 2016.

The concerts by Schumann and Mozart will be performed as well as Romeo and Juliet by Chaikovsky. Dmytro

Logvin, the Executive Director of PinchukArtCentre will conduct the Hobart Earle Orchestra.

Dmytro Logvin followed the footsteps of Garry Logvin, his father and a musician.

Together with the father, he set up Four Seasons Chamber Orchestra which he manages now. Apart from that,

Dmytro Logvin is the Art Director of Music without Borders, the International Music Festival and the Executive

Director of PinchukArtCentre.

Perhaps, it was the concert of the Grand Symphonic Orchestra and Jon Lord the legend of world rock music and

one of the creators of The Deep Purple that made Dmytro most known to the audience.

A story of Daniel Kogan, the first violin of the concert is not less interesting.  He is a violinist as well as other

generations of his family, a grandson of the famous violinists Leonid Kogan and Elizabeth Gilels, a nephew of the

famous conductor Pavel Kogan. He started learning the art of stings when he was six years of age. Daniel

performed his first concert in New York when we has 8 years old and he has been giving concerts in Russia,

Europe, USA and Canada regularly since then. The festivals such as Summit Music Festival in the USA, Niagara

Music Festival in Canada, Sayowe in Thailand, Nancyphonies in France and many more are in his track record. It

is also known that he plays the violin by Francesco Rugeri dated back to 1660.

The concert of virtuoso commences at 19 00 hrs on March 18 in Odessa Phylarmony, admission tickets are priced

at 100-200 UAH.

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