Сhamber orchestra named HARRY LOGVIN FOUR SEASONS kicks off its 27th creative season. According to the artistic director of the orchestra, National artis of Ukraine Dmitry Logvin, the collective has existed over the years, thanks to philanthropist, cultural programs and dedicated fans – spectators. The music in the program of the season opening sounded for them .
Sold-out is usual for them. The program includes classical works that the orchestra once performed. Mozart’s Divertiment is one of its most popular work.
However, the orchestra is a bit different. At age 27, it became apparent how he had grown younger.
Harp is amazing musical instrument. There are very few performers, but also good ones. Catherine is one of them.
Adagioto for the harp and strings by Gustave Mahler is a rare piece of work that seems to be born of silence and goes into it. The harp sounds like the air of this music.
Cellos here also have something to play.
The harp is the air, the cello is the foundation, the violin and the viola – the voice and the soul. If you do not understand, harmonious sound can not be achieved, say the performers
Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Mahler, Borodin. From the works of these composers began the 27th concert season of the Harry Logwin Chamber Orchestra “Seasons”.
Fans of the orchestra are confident that as soon as the level of this charge begins to decline, «FOUR SEASONS” will again be invited to a meeting with the classics.

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