Kyiv Philharmonic hosted the anniversary concert of the National Chamber Ensemble “Kyiv Soloists” dedicated to Bohodar Kotorovych.

Kyiv Soloists chamber orchestra, founded by the famous violin player Bohodar Kotorovych celebrated their 15 years with their concert in the National Philharmonic named after Lysenko. That was the place where the ensemble had played their first concert. All tickets were sold out in advance for the anniversary concert, there were no vacant seats. Many ensemble artists were soloists that evening. The musicians performed solo pieces and returned to their seats during the applauses of the audience. Miroslava, a daughter of Bohodar Kotorovych, also a violin player participated in the concert. In this anniversary evening the compositions of Piotr Tchaikovsky, Franz Waxman, Niccolo Paganini, Genrik Venyavskiy, Igor Stravinskiy, Miroslav Skorik and Levko Kolodub sounded. Dmytro Logvin, the head conductor conducted the ensemble.

– The National Chamber Ensemble “Kyiv Soloists” consists of young musicians, laureates of international contests, mostly they are graduates of Kyiv conservatoire, – Dmytro Logvin told “THE FACTS”. – The uniqueness of this ensemble is that actually any musician of the orchestra, not only the selected, can go ahead and play a solo piece in the concert. This has been demonstrated at the anniversary concert. Each artist played tour pieces which he/she can perform independently. The rarest composition of Edward Grieg (introduction and allegro for quartet and strings) was performed; please consider it was performed only several times in Ukraine before. It was performed by the violin players Olga Sheleshkova and Mikhail Bilych, a viola player Andrey Makiy, a cello player Natalia Yaropud.

– The audience gave a standing applause after the performance of this piece.

– The message was clear by the reaction of the audience: what we do finds a huge reaction in the audience.  Unfortunately, the audience is the only one who does. The national ensemble does not have their own premises where they could rehearse, store their instruments and notes. For our rehearsals we are given only several hours before the concert by the Philharmonic. The rest of the time our shelter is a small hall of the Union of Composers. The orchestra is budgetary, but at the same time 5 per cent are to be earned by us. And how this can be done if we do not have premises where we could perform. One can only rent square meters but we cannot afford it. If it was not a support of the international brand Nemiroff, I do not know how we would perform at all.

– Aren’t your concerts abroad a helping hand?

– Previously this ensemble was touring a lot, visited many countries, starting from Japan and Singapore to Western Europe. But these were governmental and commercial concerts. For the tour of full value one needs producing, production of printed products, and release of compact-disks… Since we are a state a National ensemble, then we do not have a possibility for that.  It turns out that we are fettered with the budget. The status of National does not give anything. Nevertheless, we are going to give further concerts, give concerts in Ukraine, in the provinces. The audience is special there, a special receipt. In order to show their appreciation for the performance once in a while people present a can of honey from their apiary or a box of sweets.

All over the world a state supports classic art along with sponsors. And I am sure that if our country adopted the law about sponsorship, then Ukraine would become European not only in terms of a geographic location.

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