In Dnepropetrovsk the outstanding Israeli musicians with the Dnepropetrovsk roots performed with Four Seasons Orchestra. On Monday evening the hall of Gorky Theatre was about to be torn apart: there were no even standing places by the beginning of the concert, and the journalists were suggested to stand… right on the stage, next to the wings.
By the way, such a full house stir is quite self-explanatory when Four Seasons Garry Logvin Chamber Orchestra performs. But this time the music lovers heard the new programs “Premiers of the Season”. Many listeners seemed to have deepened into a trance by closing their eyes; they heeded each fabulous note, accurately taken by the super professionals. The success of the concert has been predestined not only by the Dnepropetrovsk musicians but the soloists on tour came from abroad as well. This is the family of Gurfinkel who live in Israel now, but they have our roots of Dnepropetrovsk. -There is a lot of unusual – starting from the name itself, – the Art Director and the conductor of Four Seasons, honoured art worker of Ukraine confessed.  – Our orchestra is indulging the audience with the compositions of rare authors, but this time the entire program consists of the premieres.  It has been the first time to appear in Ukraine for the Symphony No.9, C-major and the Concert piece for two clarinets with an orchestra, D-minor of Felix Mendelssohn, as well as the Concert for two clarinets with orchestra, E-minor of Max Bruch. Also the overture of Sergey Prokofiev on Jewish themes is not performed frequently. We have made up the program on the telephone, and the rehearsal with our guests took only two days. The brilliant family of Gurfinkel arrived especially for this concert to Dnepropetrovsk – the musicians will have a flight to Vienna right after the performance in Gorky Theatre. Their arrival to us is a large-scale event! The grandfather of this family, Arkadiy Gurfinkel is my pedagogue I took my lessons from age 9 to age 17.  In 1970’s -80’s a brilliant trio was performing all over the USSR: my dad, violin player Garry Logvin, pianist Svetlana Mindlina and clarinettist Arkadiy Gurfinkel. The students of maestro live and perform now in various corners of the world and he has recently celebrated 80 years, he is full of strength and he still plays in one of the orchestras – alas in Israeli but not in Dnepropetrovsk. Mikhail Gurfinkel also walked the path of his father, he is also a clarinettist and a pedagogue, who graduated from Dneprodzerzhinsk music academy in 1979 and Musical pedagogic institute named after the Gnesines in 1984. Until 1990 Mikhail Arkadievich was an artist of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR and then he immigrated to the Land of Promise. The talent of our country fellow was recognized at once and without reserve: Mikhail Gurfinkel became the concert master of the group of clarinettists of the Symphonic Orchestra of Rishon-Lezion which is also the New Israel Opera Orchestra. Moreover, the Dnepropetrovsk clarinettist accomplished his pedagogical gift in the conservatoire of Israeli town of Kfar-Saba.  Nowadays Mikhail Gurfinkel often performs with concert programs in Israel and abroad a lot, conducts clarinet master-classes. Two of his sons, Daniel and Alexandr, followed father and grandfather’s wake. They were borne in Israel already in 1992. The boys have been playing music since 2000 and have become the holders of the first award of the chamber music at Duxbury festival in the USA (2007) and also awards of the contest “Maestro” among gifted children in Israel (2004). Today Alexandr and Daniel Gurfinkel are on tour all around the world – they are not wonder-children aged 17, in opinion of Dmytro Logvin, but they are mature serious musicians.  In Dnepropetrovsk they are on tour for the second time, on March 17 they will perform in Kyiv. And the next surprise is ready for the people of Dnepropetrovsk by Four Seasons in April. For sure, again it will be exclusive and unique!

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