On May 11 (Wednesday) @ 14 hrs in the lobby of Lviv Regional
Philharmonic (Tchaikovsky ,7)
The press-conference was attended by:
Volodymyr Syvokhin, the General Director of Lviv Regional Philharmonica
Dmytro Logvin, the Chief Conductor and Art Director of Four Seasons
Orchestra, Executive Director of Pinchuk Art Centre
Aidar Torybayev, Chief Conductor and Art Director of Academic
Symphonic Orchestra of Lviv Philharmonica
Martina Pavlitova Mukhova, the Consul of the General Consulate of
Check Republic in Lviv.
Stepan Gatalyak, the Director of Western Regional Administration of
Dnipro Credit Bank

On May 13, the 30th International Music Art Festival Virtuosos will
celebrate its anniversary.
Lviv Philharmonica has been bringing together world music celebrities
to this festival for the past three decades. It has been a token event
in the European music life for a long time. Every year THE VIRTUOSOS
bring attention of the Lviv community and guests of the city, music
connoisseurs, journalists and professional musicians.
This year, on the occasion of the anniversary, the stage of the
concert hall named after S. Ludkevich will receive genuine honorable
performers, it is worth saying that the following names will be among
the guests of the festival: Roman Kofmann with Kyiv chamber orchestra
(Ukraine), Misha Katz, the conductor (France), Nataliya Kovalyova,
soprano (Germany), Oleg Krysa, the violionist (USA), Simon Kamartin,
the conductor (Switzerland), brace quintet of St. Petersburg, Boris
Blokh, the pianist (Germany), Maria Dyachenko, the violinist (Italy),
Dmytro Onyshchenko (Ukraine), Four Seasons Chamber Orchestra headed by
the conductor Dmytro Logvin (Ukraine), Eugeniy Finkelstein, the guitar
player (Russia), Anna Savitska, the violinist (Austruia), Ivano
Kayacchata, the conductor  (Italy) with an unprecedented program of
the Italian music, Volodymyr Vinnitskiy, the pianist (USA) and
Nataliay Khona, the cellist (USA), Lidiya Shutko, the violinist (USA)
and to name the few of the world-renown artists. There are 23 concerts
in the program of the 30th International Music Art Festival VIRTUOSOS,
each of which will become a true pearl in the stringing of the music
events of this year.

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