A joint concert of “Four Seasons” Garry Logvin Chamber Orchestra and “Virtuosos of Lviv” Academic Chamber Orchestra became a sensation in the 30th International Festival. An alliance of the chamber orchestras headed by one conductor was a success also owing to the choice of compositions for the joint performance, in particular, “Carmen Suite” by Shchedrin. Art historians say that when Rodion Shchedrin took a decision to arrange the opera by Georges Bizet into a ballet, first of all, he searched for original percussion instruments. Since the story of Carmen should have taken place right in the hearts of listeners according to his intention. A true excursion was needed to come to know each instrument, at least superficially. Each instrument has got its own instant to start to sound. Five musicians manage twenty-four percussion instruments – a team of musicians from Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv and a lady-musician from Kyiv. A string player should have a more delicate hearing when performing “Carmen Suite” because a big drum can bate it slightly. What is being perceived at this moment by a conductor, the man who perceives the total sound? Dmytro Logvin had been the man who offered Carmen Suite for performance by the team of two chamber orchestras. He confessed that conducting of this particular composition had been his long-nurtured dream. The project of Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv musicians helped this dream to come true. “Carmen Suite” performed by “Virtuosos of Lviv” and “Four Seasons” had a stunning success in the art community of Lviv. Rodion Shchedrin should have been willing such a sequel when he was creating it forty-five years ago.

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