Executive Director of Pinchuk Art Centre and Viktor Pinchuk Fund. Art Director, Conductor of Four Seasons Garry Logvin Chamber Orchestra, Dnipropetrovsk and Kyiv Soloists National Chamber Ensemble, Honoured Worker of Art of Ukraine

Dmitriy, you were brought up in the family of classic art professionals and you have been engaged in classic art since your childhood and same as you do now. How did contemporary art appear in your life?

This is an existing fact. I have been in Viktor Pinchuk’s team since 1995. I had luck to meet a strong and extraordinary man and owing to him I discovered a lot of new things for myself. For instance, contemporary art was amongst those things. We have very superficial knowledge of many things that we are not interested in from a professional point of view or that we have as a hobby, contemporary art was such a thing for me. Until we started creating Pinchuk Art Centre. It is worth saying that we started from the scratch. And it took only 3 years for Pinchuk ArtCentre to have grown up to the most significant organization dealing with contemporary art in Ukraine.

Today you are the Executive Director of Pinchuk ArtCentre which in its turn is one of the divisions of Viktor Pinchuk Fund. Do you share principles of philanthropy and patronage of art? What does it mean for you?

A patron of art for me is a person who does not speak much and does not render the air with promises and plans. This person is the one who does entirely specific, sincere charitable deeds and business.

Viktor Pinchuk is a patron of art and a philanthropist.  I just work in his team and try to help his tasks to be brought to life with my work, including charitable  actions.  I believe that this work cannot be referred to as a patronage of art directly.

What gives you most pleasure, what creates an emotional mood, are they your concerts or is it your leading the orchestras or is it your job at Pinchuk ArtCentre?

You know it is very difficult to compare my work at Pinchuk ArtCentre and my work in  two teams I am heading now. These are entirely different conditions in me as a man, as a personality, entirely different emotions and feelings are activated.  Music, orchestra and performers is the condition of enjoyment and bliss.

Unconditionally, this is a great pleasure for me! Pinchuk ArtCentre is the velocity, motion, force, events, people. Incidentally, the result of my own work in Pinchuk ArtCentre is more obvious for even me, there were not any exhibitions, nothing yet several years ago. And now…

Not long ago I returned from a conference in Sevastopol – representatives from different cities and regions of our country were present there. And many people came up, and said nice words in respect of Pinchuk ArtCentre, people expressed their admiration of the exhibitions they had attended and even more, they admired the fact of the establishment of Pinchuk ArtCentre, and this means it is important! It means that Pinchuk Art Centre is not only nice premises, world renown artists’ works, these are human feelings and emotions – it cannot but deliver enjoyment.

How do you think, did Ukraine make a breakthrough in creating an international image of our country  during existence of Pinchuk ArtCentre?

Without doubt it did. A representation of Ukraine at the latest Venice Biennale has proved this statement.  One of the German papers wrote an article even before the start of the biennale, and it had a heading: “Biennale has not started and Ukraine has already knocked everyone down”.

And a great deal of foreign visitors  came to Ukraine only due to the exhibitions of Pinchuk ArtCentre. And arrival of outstanding contemporary artists, journalists of the leading mass media, their evaluation – all this is the image of our country, the country that belongs to Europe not only geographically!

Can you say about yourself that you are a successful man, a self-made man?

This sounds very completed. I would say that I am a self-making man. In the present continuous tense. I am trying to accept everything what the life is offering. My deep convenience is that all possibilities should be used.

Events might not be forced but losing them is not fair towards oneself. I can say definitely that I am up to what I love.

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