That evening the audience was enjoying the baroque music performed by Garry Logvin Four Seasons Chamber Orchestra. The concerts by Bach and Haydn for a violin with orchestra and Concerto-grosso No. 6 by Locatelli.  Eugeniy Kostritskiy, an international contests winner  was asoloist.

A word “baroque” came from Portuguese and stands for “a pearl of an irregular form”, and it is translated from Italian as “strange, odd”. Whatever  the roots of this word are, it was namely an epoch of baroque that was considered to be the beginning of expansion of the Western European civilization.   But the baroque music might seem strange and odd to the hearing of a man of 17-18 century who had not experienced the chaos of sounds that is so contemporary to us.  For us it is so well-composed, unusually clear and clean, full of a strong feeling.

The orchestra conducted by Dmytro Logvin, the honoured worked of art of Ukraine, managed show all his mastery in these very compositions, tiniest hints and ability to perform charming melting sounds on a single breath.  And of course the audience was won by the soloist, a so well-known award winner of international contests, Eugeny Kostritskiy. His violin sang in a special, live, deep and tender, and exciting voice. Therefore, it was a natural question to the musician about his instrument.

– Yes, the violin is special indeed,- Eugeniy told. – By chance I managed to catch this rare instrument ready to “sail” to Moscow. This is an accurate replica of the violin of Guarneri del Gesu, made by an Italian master of mid XIX century Luigi Miniani. Though I was well aware of good instruments and before that I fell in love with this beauty at once. And my fiddlestick is made by an unknown French master, but it is dear to me that Garry Borisovich Logvin played it, and I received it as a gift from Dmytro Garrievich.  This is an expensive gift, an evidence of unusual artistic understanding between us, intimacy when he can support and inspire with one expression on a face, a movement of an eyebrow.

As regards the attitude of a young musician towards his playing that evening, Eugeniy said:

– I reply to the favourite question of the journalists “What music will you take with you to a different planet?” “I would take notes of sonatas and parts by Bach with me”. All that Bach left to us is eternal. You can perceive a person through this music, one can judge of our civilization on this music. In general, baroque music is the cleanliest, undisturbed music of human life. Even A-note, on which we tune up, was not like the A-note we have now, it was  lower by a halftone – people were not in a hurry to live.  But I enjoy not only the compositions themselves but I enjoy playing music together with this superb orchestra I am honoured to work with.

As regards the strangeness and oddity in music that was what we felt during the modern concert for strings by Nino Roth, whose century anniversary has been marked these days.  He was like reminding the extraordinary scenes of unusual parades, carnivals, he was associated with Fellini films for which this brilliant man composed music.

As always the concert was closed with a pleasant miniature for an encore “Tango” by Anderson, that that time had been played as a birthday present to a sponsor of the orchestra Mikhail Sokolov, a People’s Deputy of Ukraine.


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